Commissions + Public Spaces

I would love to create something special and unique just to fit your needs. Whether it's a large public space or a specific spot in your home, the commission process is easy. For more information and pricing, email me at

2019: Miko + Boone // "Floating Through"

2019: Forward Warrior // "If I Stop, I'll Never Change"

Forward Warrior Christina Kwan 2019

2019: Marietta M2R Trailfest // "This Could Be"

2019: Whiskey Bird // custom mural

2019: Stacks Squares // public mural

2018: Neva Opet // custom mural

2018: The Sentimentalist // custom mural


 2018: Coco + Mischa // three 42x60in works on paper

2017: Snackboxe Bistro // three 4ftx8ft panels inspired by Laos nature and textiles