Atlanta Artist Resources: Open Calls For Submissions

A question I frequently get asked by other artists is "how did you get that opportunity?" and half the time, the answer is that I'm somehow connected to the owner of the business or property where my work is being displayed. The other half of the time is because I keep my eyes open on as many outlets for artist calls as possible. This entails a lot of reading, clicking, writing, and applying that doesn't guarantee you'll get chosen but does guarantee that you'll get a reality check on what your artist resume might be missing. Here is a list of my go-tos for finding artist opportunities locally and out of state:

Call For Entry


Creative Capital 

Artwork Archive


Follow social media pages and accounts for fellow artists, local galleries, city and county offices, non-profit arts organizations, and arts publications

Meet, interact, and network with your local art community at all levels. Arts administrators, curators, gallerists, design professionals, realtors, and all the people associated with a thriving local art community - these are going to be the people who present opportunities to you that you won't find online.

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