Christina Kwan is an Atlanta-based artist known for her abstract and floral works on paper. Her interest in creating art began from a young age and was always, for her, considered a natural pursuit that was secondary to her academic achievements. It wasn't until college that she realized she couldn't deny the power of her passion. She continued to develop her voice through drawing, painting, and experimental installations inspired by floral imagery and the fragility of familial relationships. Christina is now a blogger, gallery director, and social media consultant, in addition to being an artist. She continues to explore imagery that moves the spirit through fluid movement and precise marks.


The work I create is an impulse: to pour, mix, wash, and mark. In the act of making, I find myself going through alternating stages of frenetic doubt and steady meditation. For as long as I can remember, this has been my process.

In the past, I used flowers as a starting point to later abstract into an exquisitely tense oblivion. Now, I start with oblivion. No purpose, no mind, no means to an end. I simply try to move forward hoping that it becomes something as beautiful as the elegant order of natural phenomena. I see storms, blooms, blood, and age.

These images are a collection of rhythmic moments from within. The exacting marks are a detailed self exploration and represent the internal shifts between states of chaos and coherence.


2010 Bachelor of Fine Art, Drawing


2016 Artemis, Mindzai Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2014 Fashion Flora, Octane Coffee Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2010 Left Lovingly, WARPhaus, Gainesville, FL

2008 The Last Bear in Ireland, Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Ireland

2008 Tideswept and Taken Away, Reitz Union, Gainesville, FL

[ images by Lindsey LaRue Photography