Frames Upon Frames

I love working on paper. There's really no other substrate that compares to fresh white paper - the way it absorbs, the way color becomes a part of it. It provides this weird dimensional space that is simultaneously flat and infinite at the same time. Acrylic ink is my preferred medium and it is simply stunning on paper!

For a long time though I was afraid of selling artwork because of the obstacle of framing. Though I love the fragility of paper, it seems daunting to a lot of people to select framing. And I didn't feel like I had enough knowledge to help them either! The questions can be overwhelming ... How will it look with the piece? How will it look in my house? Do I have the wallspace? 

So I wanted to share some recent examples of how my work has been framed over the years. There are many more options than just these (especially when you include art prints), but this just gives you an idea of the possibilities. I think many tend towards white or black because they are neutral colors; but I've also seen light wood, colored wood, dark wood, bamboo, and others. Framing is an art itself. 

The piece will often dictate the frame, but there's really no wrong way. Going with something neutral that allows the piece to speak for itself is usually the way to go, but this can mean different things in different homes. Here are some of my recent favorites:

Medium Mat in White

Small Mat in Warm Silver

Gallery Wall floated in White Frames

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